Pushing the limits of 3D printing

in amateur rocketry.

Flight: “Go At Throttle Up”—Aerotech I1299, Tritium 1 FT

Print, build, launch.

It’s that easy.

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High power, low cost

Capable of more than you’d think.

If you needed proof that 3D printing is perfectly viable for high-power rocketry, look no further. California Model Aerospace’s fully 3D printed rockets have so far survived:

  • Higher accelerations than the infamous ‘Sprint’ missile – over 120 g!
  • Rapid reflight with multiple launches of the same rocket in one hour
  • Speeds of up to 900 miles per hour (Mach 1.2)

Meet the gang.

Tritium 1.3

An ultra-simple, reliable, Level 1 scale rocket. Just six printed parts. 54mm airframe, 29mm mount. Rocks a streamlined design with transonic flight in mind.


Two-stage rocket capable of reaching up to 15,000 feet (4,500 m). Uses a Tritium 1 Full Thrust booster sporting dual-deployment, a 38mm motor mount, and five fins. Built around an I1299 booster and H13 sustainer.

Tritium 2

Single stage, 65mm airframe. Originally designed to turn heads with its size, but currently getting a Mach 2 makeover. More details soon!