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Coming Soon: Tritium Zero (TR-0)

9.12.2019 TR-0 Prototype Information Sheet

Low cost, medium power rocketry: TR-0. With options for both 24mm and 29mm motor mounts, it comes as a 3 piece airframe that is projected to cost only $9.99 (Subject to change, preliminary estimate.). With a 54mm wide airframe, it’s a minute-long build, coming in 3 blocks, the lower block, containing the motor mount, lower body, and fins, the upper block, which contains a heat baffle, and room for a parachute (24 inch is reccomended), and the nosecone. These all friction fit, and so far the 24mm variant has been tested with an E30-4T resulting in an extremely stable flight to an estimated 1,130 feet.

Video of the first flight of TR-0 coming soon, however, it can be seen as the large, purely orange rocket in the “Going Commercial” video. Release is targeted for Winter 2019/20.

*Infographic is accurate to the original TR-0 prototype. The commercial version will be longer, and considerably lighter. The prototype used a 90% density nose cone, which is mass inefficient, but made the short stubby design stable, which was necessary due to restrictions at the time.